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Irakli Nadar often read comments that, creativity is more important than technique, because it’s something AI will never be able to recreate, creativity is just a skill, it’s pattern of remaking pre-existing concepts in your brain, it can be trained and improved just like technique, there is nothing special about it.

Change my mind.

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20 Incredible Hyper-Realistic Portraits By A Georgian Artist Irakli Nadar

Thanks to digital drawing techniques, several artists who previously had no way to show their art for lack of art mediums can now appear and let their gift marvel millions of people through the internet. The only tool that digital artists need is a good image editor!

Irakli Nadar is a 28-year-old artist from Tbilisi, Georgia. He creates incredible hyper-realistic digital artworks. The details, colors and strokes are perfect and sometimes it’s hard to believe that this unique art was done on the computer.

Georgian Artist Digital Painting By Georgian Artist Irakli Nadar
Georgian Artist Digital Painting By Georgian Artist Irakli Nadar

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Irakli says “There are many techniques for portrait painting and all of them are different. You’re probably wondering what the best technique is. Well, I hate to break it to you, but there is no ‘best drawing technique’.

Many people tell me that they don’t think they will be able to produce paintings as good as mine. My aim is to create visually stunning images from the drawing ideas I have and to make them better every time. You should think like that too.”

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