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Imma Merino

Since Imma Merino was a child, she needed to express herself and she resorted to the act of drawing and painting in a natural way.

She passed her childhood and youth studying and becoming perfect in an art that she finds enthusiastic. This art offers her a way of expressing all the love she feels for every living thing, and the opportunity of analysing the spirituality and beauty of what surrounds her. “Objects preserve pieces from the soul of the person they belonged to, what else would preserve those things that live and beat?” At the beginning of her career she worked different artistic fields without giving up the artistic painting, which is her real passion.

During several years she was influenced in different ways until she finally decided to be artistically independent. By then, she enters a frenetic pictorial process. Usually she says: “I dream about painting and when I do not paint I feel I am wasting my time”. She never stops painting. She does not like the classifications; this is why she thinks people do have to take a look at the artworks. Studies: Germans Arenes i Clavell