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Photography by Artist Hasan Baglar

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Photography by Artist Hasan Baglar

These praying mantises enjoyed a moment in front of photographer Hasan Baglar’s camera lens showing off their best moves. The praying mantis is so named for its prayer-like stance, but these two seem just as comfortable doing the YMCA.

The pair struck the pose on a twig – raising their limbs in a ‘Y’ formation in perfect sync. Although we’d all like to believe the creatures are recreating the chorus of the Village People’s hit song YMCA, photographer Hasan Baglar has a more likely explanation.

‘I think it was afraid of me because it looked nervous and I have heard this is the normal behaviour of a praying mantis when it’s afraid,” he told The Metro. ‘Even though I know that I still couldn’t help but laugh. It was a photo opportunity not to be missed. I think I’m lucky to have been in the right place at the right time.’

Hasan Baglar specializes in nature and wildlife photography, capturing images of birds, butterflies, orchids and insects in his native Cyprus. He reached the finals of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards with an image of two praying mantises in a similar pose. He titled the picture ‘Zeybeks’ – a reference to a traditional Turkish dance.

By Rachel Jones, Social Media Content Editor
10:10 AM BST 03 Oct 2014

Born in 1974 in Limassol, Hasan Bağlar, former player in the first league of the Cyprus Turkish Football Association (KTFF), works for the Ministry of Economy and Energy in Northern Cyprus and leave in Nicosia.

Nature lover and passionate photographer, including by macro shots, he is well known for a serial of mantis photographs, called with humour, “Zeybek”, from a traditional Turkish dance (and its Greek version zeybekiko), with hands up.

His photographs were published in National Geographic in 2011 and one of them won the Sony World Photography Awards 2014, in the category « Nature & Wildlife », under the title “Zeybeks”. He also won the first price in the category “Nature” of the Siena International Photography Awards 2015.

The book

This beautiful book, in panoramic size, is the result of5 years of patient field work. It is a pleasure of the eyes. The photographs are splendid, good printed, sometimes in full page.
To his photographic work, Hasan Bağlar adds precious information on the 41 species of butterflies which can be found on Northern Cyprus (distribution, host-plants, flight period).

This work is a useful addition of the “Butterflies of Cyprus” of Christodoulos Makris, published in 2003 and the information collected by the Cyprus Butterflies Study Group (CBSG).

Where to find it: Bookshops of Northern Cyprus (I found my exemplar at the Round Tower of Kyrenia), Isikkitabevi.net

Cyprus Artist Hasan Baglar Photography
Cyprus Artist Hasan Baglar Photography

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