Hamish Blakely

Hamish Blakely: Whether it was drawing his favorite comic book superheroes or producing caricatures of his school teachers, Hamish Blakely’s natural facility with pencil paved the way for a future in painting from an early age.

I come from a theater background. I am Irish and half my childhood home is a place where extraordinary things happened. This is an environment in which my brother and I seemed compelled to do something unusual. I am very grateful for that.

Drawing was the original expression. I draw a lot, trying to emulate other artists, to understand how they created what they did; But it is to draw and what is left unsaid, until you found the courage to use color.

This happened long before I studied at the Wimbledon School of Art and the University of Kingston. Obstinadamente Having lived in the world of black and white, that finally I paint, the entire exuberant enthusiasm and no clear direction. However, I had a breakthrough when I was 18.

I had painted for some time by then, but this was the first time I had done a painting so seriously, no experiments, just attention and urgent responsibility to do well. This is a picture of my father, and unsigned or suggestion, I jumped coming years to produce something that my 18 years may have frustrated. This was the turning point. It is not just a case of loving painting, but realized that it might be good in the meeting.

It changed everything. Painting completely replaced drawing. Only referred back to the university and again, gave me when I went. I think that has gone so long doing preliminary studies with pencil or charcoal, opposing the commitment to use color, I now paint immediately, taking into account preparatory sketches unnecessary.


Irish Artist Hamish Blakely Painting
Irish Artist Hamish Blakely Painting

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I became an illustrator shortly after leaving university and received a national award. The need to cope with an unlimited range of subject matter, it was a very useful experience. I learned a lot in the paint not what I wanted, and what I loved.


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