14 Paintings By Turkish-French Artist Güler Kumru

Painting by Artist Güler Kumru

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Painting by Artist Güler Kumru

Güler Kumru is a professional portrait painter who creates portraits drawn from your photos in her workshop in Annecy.

The portrait of your loved ones from a photo is a very personal gift that you can offer to mark the great stages of life as well as to celebrate the simple moments of everyday life. The work is done in pencil, charcoal, pastels, acrylic or watercolor, the drawing is realistic while being imbued with the artist’s style. The price of portraits is studied as closely as possible, taking into account the quality of the work provided attention to detail, realism.

In this site, you can also discover the artistic work of Güler KUMRU, buy the drawings and paintings displayed there, order a painting on the theme of your choice. And if you want to go beyond the virtual, she will receive you in her workshop / gallery located not far from Annecy.

From my native Anatolia, to the peaks of my adoptive Savoy, passing by the banks of the Bosphorus, I have always been attracted by all these faces that populated my life. Having a taste for drawing, my preference went naturally to portraits. Draw them … probably to try to capture their truth on paper, perhaps so as not to forget them. Familiar, unknown, foreign, sometimes imagined faces, childish faces or matured by time. None of them are strangers to me. None is indifferent to me.
And since then, every day, I continue my way. And above all I open my eyes very wide!

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