14 Steel Sculptures by Spanish Artist Georgie Poulariani

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Sculpture Artist Georgie Poulariani at WOoArts

Georgie Poulariani is an international artist active both on the local and international market. Spanish artist Georgie Poulariani gives metal “a second chance” by creating his pieces mainly from steel leftovers. He is a self-taught artist who spent most of his life away from creative endeavours until he realised he could visualize shapes and had the ability to sculpt.

Georgie is a sculptor, who creates Unique Metal Sculptures from Welded Steel. For 44 years he had nothing to do with art, never even been in a gallery, and wasn’t even interested in art. Then… He found out on accident, that he had a gift of seeing forms and shapes.

He completely left his Business and started creating Metal Sculptures full time. And now his pieces are in different Government Buildings, Hotels, and several other private places in Spain, and even France.

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