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Painting by Galina Gomzina

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Painting by Galina Gomzina

Galina Gomzina, a masterful watercolor artist from St. Petersburg, Russia, has captivated audiences worldwide with her vibrant and expressive depictions of seascapes, cityscapes, and flowers. Her artistry seamlessly blends the spontaneity of the alla prima technique with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in paintings that exude a sense of joy, movement, and optimism.

Painting by Galina Gomzina
Painting by Galina Gomzina

As a member of the esteemed Russian Federation of Artists and the International Art Foundation, Gomzina’s talent has garnered widespread recognition. Her paintings grace the collections of renowned institutions like the Russian Federation Museum of Watercolor and the St. Petersburg State Museum of Fine Arts, and she has been удостоена with the prestigious Gold Medal at the International Watercolor Biennale in Beijing in 2010.

Painting by Galina Gomzina
Painting by Galina Gomzina

Gomzina’s passion extends beyond her own artistic pursuits, as she actively shares her expertise through watercolor workshops and classes. Her patience and encouragement have nurtured the artistic talents of countless individuals, fostering a deep appreciation for the beauty of watercolor painting.

With every brushstroke, Gomzina breathes life into her subjects, capturing the subtle nuances of light and shadow that transform ordinary scenes into captivating masterpieces. Her paintings serve as poignant reminders of the beauty that surrounds us, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the world she has created.

Whether capturing the serene expanse of a seascape, the bustling energy of a cityscape, or the delicate beauty of a flower, Gomzina’s artistry transcends mere representation, imbuing each composition with a sense of emotion and narrative. Her paintings are not just works of art; they are invitations to explore the world with fresh eyes, to appreciate the beauty in the ordinary, and to embrace the joy of creativity.

My name is Galina Gomzina. I am a professional watercolor artist.

I was born in St. Petersburg, in extraordinary by the beauty of the city, where the majestic river Neva and a large number of picturesque canals flow.
It was this one that influenced the artist ‘s creativity, at almost all my works you can see depicted water, with enchanting and elusive reflections, surrounding us reality. These stories give a sense of peace and harmony, and at the same time are filled with energy and


For me “Water is a real creator. Sometimes only for a moment she creates her works, which disappear into ignorance, that in their place there would be new. And it is very interesting for the artist to catch and capture these moments in the painting…. ”

I love watercolor for its unpredictability, lightness and transparency. For me, watercolor is the whole world. Watercolor perfectly conveys the state of water with its mesmerizing reflections.

My favorite technique is “A-la prima,” a single-layer watercolor on wet paper. In my opinion, it is this technique that best reveals the possibilities of watercolor painting and requires quick work from the artist and a lot of energy and emotion.

I’m a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the Russian Association of Marina Artists.
Also my works are in private collections of Russia and in other countries (England, Italy, Spain, America,
China, Serbia, etc.).

Painting by Galina Gomzina
Painting by Galina Gomzina

I was graduated from the Art and Industry Academy named after A.L. Sttiglitz in St. Petersburg,
Department of Design.

I hold watercolor courses, online lessons and captives, both in my country and abroad (Germany, Italy, Brazil)
Often at the invitation I go to the plein air in different countries (Portugal, China, Brazil). And I constantly conduct plein airs for students in Russia.


There is more than more than 10 personal exhibitions both in Russia and abroad In my creative biography.
Constant participation in watercolor international exhibitions and biennials (China, England, Italy,
Emirates, Albania, Serbia, etc.), a large number of publications.

The most important exhibitions
1992 Collective exhibition in England (Henley-on-Thames)
2003 Personal exhibition in Belgrade (Serbia ) “St. Petersburg 1703-2003” within the international
program devoted to the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg.
2003 Personal exhibition in the Moscow Fund of Culture (“Two Venice”)
2006 Personal exhibition in “The forbidden city”, in Beijing (China) within year of Russia in China.
2010 Personal exhibition “Coasts of

Painting by Galina Gomzina
Painting by Galina Gomzina

Europe” in the Moscow Fund of Culture within year of France in
Russia (Moscow)
2011 Personal exhibition “I catch reflections in the mirrored water…” in the State Exhibition Hall (GD)
2011 XVI Moscow art fair ART ARENA 2011 in the Central Exhibition Hall “Arena” (Moscow). Project “…
Celestial ”
2012 Personal exhibition in the State Art Gallery “Na Kashirke” (Moscow)
2013 ART SALON in the Central House of Artists (Moscow). Project of the gallery”Nakashirka” “Graphics
Latest exhibition
2015 International exhibition of a watercolor in Fabriano (Italy)
2015 International Watercolor Festival in Albania
2016 1th International Watercolor Exhibition in Moscow
2016 International Watercolor Exhibition IWS Pakistan
2016 International Watercolor Biennale Belgrad-Serbia
2015, 2018 International Watercolor Exhibition “Masters of Watercolor” (St. Petersburg).
2018 First International Watercolor Festival in UAE
2019 Internationale Festival UrbinoInAcquerello
2019 International Watercolor Exhibition in Bali, Indonesia
2019 1th International Watercolor Grand Masters Exhibition
Iws Sare Gallery, Moscow

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