Gabriel Moreno

Gabriel Moreno is best known for his work as an illustrator in advertising, where his experience is remarkable in the last few years he has successfully developed his style and line of art. His pieces make striking statements female beauty about through graphic and elegant images.

Usually, his artwork is required comprised of flowing and fine black lines, which he has deploys over shocks of color, accenting on clothing, faces, or environments. He uses dramatic gradients of colors and multiple layers that emerge from the images and involvement of the figures. In order to fulfill his vision, he works with etching and uses multiple artistic medium and tools such as pencil, ink, marker, watercolor, and digital art. Artist based in Madrid.

Having made it to the cover of the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times, is one of the most influential international illustrators of the last decade according to the well-known 100 Illustrator publication by Taschen.

His work in international advertising is remarkable, working with such agencies MacCann Erikson New York, J. Walter Thompson Singapore, Leo Burnet Beirut, Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai, BBDO Moscow, TBwaA / Chiat / Day Los Angeles or Young and Rubicam Paris. These have produced great campaigns for prestigious brands, among which it is necessary to point out some like Nike USA, Rolex, Victoria’s Secret, Universal Music or Coca-Cola.

Some of these great publicity projects have allowed his illustrations to be present in places as emblematic as the London Underground, Time Square or Marina Bay of Singapore.

Spanish Artist Gabriel Moreno Illustration
Spanish Artist Gabriel Moreno Illustration

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In parallel, I have developed his line of personal artistic work. His work speaks of the beauty and sensuality of women through graphics and the elegance of the black line. Despite his short career, Gabriel’s artistic work can be seen in galleries and art around the world such as New York, Singapore, London, Hong Kong, Stockholm or Sydney.