François Kunze

Born in 1950, very early on I wanted to draw and paint under the influence of my family. Former student of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Rouen. As a student, I worked in architectural firms. Drawing has always been an essential means of expression for me. Then by choice, I passed the contest of art drawing teacher in the National Education and I exercised in different colleges evolving towards manual work, the art drawing being abandoned in favor of the plastic arts.

From manual work, I moved on to EMT (Manual and Technical Education) and then to computer-dominated technology, the evolution of which I have followed throughout my teaching career, from the MO5 Thomson computer , to the digital tablet.The moment of retirement arrived when I reconnected with drawing and watercolor that I had buried deep within myself. I was able to see that we lose nothing of what is in us.

A second professional life was offered to me. And since then I travel to the fairs and exhibitions where I am invited for my greatest pleasure. I have exhibited my works in international fairs such as Vittel or on the occasion of the Art en Capital exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, or even at Teich and Caussade, two beautiful watercolor fairs.

Watercolor painting by French Artist Francois Kunze
Watercolor painting by French Artist Francois Kunze

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I am thinking of all those I have met throughout this career as a painter and who have all entrusted me with their friendship and their experience. The list would be long, very long. I am rich in these encounters brought to me by painting. Life is not long enough to do everything. That’s a shame.

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