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Florence Penouty | painter registered at the Maison des Artistes

The quest for light

In the landscapes, I seek above all to capture the light, to approach it. I am fascinated by its games and the life it brings to even the most insignificant, forgotten things. Light sublimates everything and gives us a simple message: beauty is everywhere if we know how to look. In my paintings, I like to capture what it reveals, the movement and the changing character of nature. Translating light, air, movement and my sensations is my deepest motivation.

Florence Penouty Painting

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Florence Penouty | painter registered at the Maison des Artistes


The pastel, why?

For its speed of execution, essential outdoors, but also for its pictorial quality, purity, the vibration of its colours and its reactivity.
Pastel is colour in gesture.


From literature studies to art

My earliest artistic memories come from… my literary studies. In high school, Baudelaire, an art critic, took me to the Louvre. At the Sorbonne, André Suarès and his Voyage du condottière , to Italian artists. The Musée d’Orsay and the Impressionist rooms dazzle me, I never tire of returning there! I decided to abandon my studies of letters, which were intended for teaching, to turn to art and drawing, which were more creative.

Graduated from the Higher Education in Interior Architecture and Graphic Design (valedictorian), I start my professional life as a graphic designer and art director in Paris. For twenty years, I have been practicing a certain creativity that makes me happy. But something remains unfulfilled, as if dormant.

This something suddenly catches up with me on a rainy Sunday in 2014, when I meet the luminous power of pastel at an exhibition. Intrigued by the use of this medium, I was so noticeably moved that I came out of this artistic confrontation and that the obvious thing became obvious: I wanted to paint, and paint light, without further delay.

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A dream comes true

Then began a journey to become a professional painter. At first alone, I experimented with pastel with enthusiasm, but I quickly understood that painting – and especially Outdoor Painting – requires good foundations and solid principles. I then trained myself from internship to internship, during two years, exploring online training courses, documenting myself on painting. My curiosity on the subject is insatiable: I like to understand the work of painters, to see “how” they saw the world, to analyze their progress.

Since 2016, I have devoted myself entirely to painting. I have had several exhibitions, in galleries, at the Salon International de Pastel in Giverny. Currently, I live and work in the South of France in Occitanie.

  • Artist Painter registered at the Maison Des Artistes
  • Pastel Art in France (APF)
  • Frenchpleinairpainters.com
  • Society of Pastellists of France (SPF)


  • 2020 : Prix de la Mairie de Saint-Agne – Festival de Pastel & Dessin des Bastides en Dordogne (Pratique des Arts, Supp. Pastel n°60)
  • 2019: 1st prize – Pastel category – Rencontre des Arts audois, Carcassonne
  • 2017: Painting Prize – Exhibition “Art invites itself to Magrie”.


  • Galerie d’art contemporain LATUVU International collective exhibition, Bages (11) from 20 May to 11 July
  • Galerie Le Présidial Collective exhibition, Castelnaudary (11) from 05 June to 20 June
  • Artist’s residence at the château de Bonnemare Radepont (27) Exhibition: 18 and 19 September
  • Exhibition “L’Art s invite à Magrie” Magrie (11) from 1 to 3 October


  • Exhibition ” L’Art s’invite à Magrie ” Magrie (11) from 1st to 4th October – Cancelled, Postponed to 2021
  • Festival de Pastel & Dessin des Bastides, Saint-Agne (24) from September 12th to 27th – Prize of the Saint-Agne Town Hall
  • Festival des Arts en Balade Parisot (24) August – Cancelled
  • International Exhibition “Pastel Art in France” Giverny (27) from May 23rd to 31st – Cancelled – virtual visit here
  • Contemporary Art Gallery LATUVU International collective exhibition, Bages (11) Cancelled, Postponed to 2021
  • 8th Salon des Arts d’Hiver, Villesèquelande (11) Group exhibition from January 31 to February 02



  • Salon d’Hiver – Rencontre des Arts Audois, Carcassonne (11) from 02 to 31 December
  • Rencontre des Arts audois , Carcassonne (11) from 10 to 22 September – 1st prize Pastel category
  • Pastel Day at the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire, Saint-Hilaire (11) on September 8
  • Solo exhibition “Nature Sensible” – Artists à Suivre 2019, Alet-les-Bains (11) from May 30 to June 2
  • Salon de Printemps de Carquefou – Carquefou (44) Invited by Sophie Amauger, from March 16 to 26


  • Exhibition at the Salon International de Pastel Grand Sud Villepinte (11) from April 21st to May 5th.


  • Exhibition ” L’Art s’invite à Magrie ” Magrie (11) from September 29th to October 1st – Prix de la Peinture
  • International Exhibition ” Art du Pastel en France ” Giverny (27) from May 27th to June 4th


  • Galerie Grand rue 9 – Bugarach (11) – July 23rd to September 25th – www.galeriegrandrue9.com

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Florence Penouty Pastel Painting
Florence Penouty Pastel Painting


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