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By Artist Painter Eric Dijkstra

Eric photographs and creates his photo-art solely with his iPhone. His iPhone is the center of his photographic creativity. It is his camera and studio in one. ions.

Eric photographs the movement on the streets. His work is characterized by the abstract silhouettes obtained by using a slow shutter speed, resulting in unique contemporary photo-art.

iPhoneography/Mobiography is a relatively young and contemporary art form. In addition to online, Eric showed, last year and a half, his work internationally and nationally (Berlin, Paris, Tucson/USA, Milan, Hamburg, Brussels, Rotterdam, Rome) both in galleries and at exhibit

I am an iPhoneographer and my domicile is Zwolle in the Netherlands. My smartphone is my studio. All my works are fully created and edited with my iPhone; 100% iPhoneArt, MobileArt, iPhoneography (some collective names for this young form of photographic art). I have developed my own unique style within this art form; I mostly photograph people on the street and thereby I photograph almost exclusively by using a slow shutter time.


Eric Dijkstra Painting
Eric Dijkstra Painting

From childhood I have a creative urge and my interest in painting art and Photography. My interest made gradually place for passion after the arrival of the digital photography. And now on my iPhone, I can totally bond my creative urge and passion in phonography.

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