Mutaz Elemam


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75.55 cm x 75.55 cm Acrylic on canvas , $1680. You may call +1.904.859.6674 to buy it.

Mutaz Elemam a sublime Sudanese artist who always come up with a unique taste of abstract.

We have seen how rapidly and steady his art line and focusing on his exhibitions during the last thirteen years. These paintings are for sale. Please contact us if you are interested to own it.


2002 Group Exhibition accompanying workshop “The Language of Color” jointly executed with Lanos German Academy of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Khartoum, Sudan
June 2003 Group Exhibition, Hilton Hotel, Khartoum

2004 Art Exhibition about Darfur, German Cultural Center, Khartoum, Sudan
January 2005 Opening Exhibition for “Khartoum; the Capital of Arabian Culture”, Friendship Hall, Khartoum, Sudan
May 2005 Opening Exhibition for the inauguration of the Gallery of the General Sudanese Artists Union, Khartoum, Sudan
June 2005 Exhibition Against Torture, The National Museum Gallery, Friendship Hall, Khartoum, Sudan
July 2005 Exhibition of the “Sudan Culture Week”, Tripoli, Libya


October 2005 “Hiwar” (Dialogue) Exhibition, Picasso Art Gallery, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
June 2006 Contemporary Sudanese Art Exhibition, Madrid, Spain
December 2007 Christmas Group Exhibition, Telfania Gallery, Kampala, Uganda
February 2008 Group Exhibition, Gomhoria Theatre Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

Mutaz Elemam Painting
Mutaz Elemam Painting

March 2008 Solo Exhibition, Cairo Atelier, Cairo, Egypt
March- April 2008 Cairo 2nd International Symposium for Fine Arts, Cairo, Egypt
April- May 2008 “Makan” (Location), Group Exhibition, Ibn Hani Center for Arts, Ahmed Shawgi Museum, Cairo, Egypt
September 2008 3rd Portrait Saloon for Small Pieces, Portrait Hall, Cairo, Egypt
October 2008 El-Bahr International Symposium for Fine Arts and Photography, Gait-Bay Castle, Alexandria, Egypt

January 2009 Art Exhibition, Mashrabia Art Gallery, Mohandeseen, Cairo, Egypt
February 2009 Solo Exhibition, Kunst Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
February 2009 “The Agenda Exhibition”, Alexandria Bibliothica, Egypt
December 2009 Group Exhibition, Mashrabia Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
Solo exhibition black Touch at Albalad gallery – Cairo – Egypt
Group Exhibition, (Africa cam) – casoria contemporary art museum – Napoli – Italy
Group Exhibition, (Nile Frindes) – frensh cultural center – Khartoum – Sudan.
solo exhibition ( the river ) – artelewa art space cairo – egypt – march 2010

April 2003- August 2006: Arts Teacher (drawing and painting), Grace Center for Children, Khartoum, Sudan.
Current editor of the Africa page, Cam Casoria Art Magazine, Italy.
Currently a full time devoted artist

Hamadab with Artists’ Brushes”, a documentary book for the Hamdab region whose people are witnessing forced displacement for a dam project in Northern Sudan.

Numerous art works with a number of individuals and institutions around the world.