77 Abstract Paintings by Kurdish-French Artist Dilshad Questani

Painting by Artist Dilshad Questani

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Painting by Artist Dilshad Questani

Dilshad QUESTANI is a French painter born in 1957 in Kirkouk, Kurdistan in Iraq. Opposed to Saddam Hussein, Dilshad was a peshmerga fighting up in the mountains to liberate his country. In 1994, he had to make the difficult choice to go into exile. A very tough, hazardous path led him to Germany through Iran, Turkey, Greece… then to the country of Monet and Renoir he had admired so much for years; it was his ultimate destination.

As a political refugee, he obtained the French citizenship in 2010 and now lives in Chaumont, France were his creations come to life. He has been painting since his adolescence, without showing his creations at first. If Irak derives from a very ancient civilization producing some painters, nowadays, very few artists are able to live out of an artistic activity.

Even in Kurdistan, to sell a piece of art was considered as shameful: art is a part of life and needs to be shared. Only when Dilshad was in his thirties, did he dare showing his paintings; when he arrived in France, he decided to dedicate his life to painting and he is looking at adding a spiritual dimension in his paintings. An internationally recognized painter, he has exhibited his paintings in more than 18 countries including France, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Japan, Korea or Jordan and in 2017 in Kurdistan in order to be acknowledged in his home country, which means a lot to him.

A real artist, he also writes poems and songs, he sings, he is also an actor… “My real country is my painting” The paintings of his exhibition “TRIP INTO THE SOUL” are bearing this testimony. The paintings are reflecting the colors of the two countries that he cherishes the most: Kurdistan and France. Colors of the earth, of mountains and rocks but also colors of forests in the sun. Light is always omnipresent: it highlights the imaginary and dreamed landscapes.

He favors brown and orange colours in which he sees the flames of freedom and peace for all mankind. According to the French art critic, Christian Noorbergen, “Dilshad Questani lyricism is omnipresent, archaic and underground. It comes from inside. In the bright, radiant and incandescent paintings, songs of the world and songs of art are merging. In this tense art spread as the universe, there is no horizon. Horizon is everywhere”.

Awards and rewards

Golden Award – Bourbonne – les –Bains – France – 2002
Silver Award – Avignon – France – 2004
Bronze award – Avignon Entreprendre – France – 2003
Reward Chevalier d’Art Nice – France – 2002
Silver reward Méridienne – Perthuis – France – 2004
Golden Award – salon Bourbonne and guest of honor – France – 2010

Solo exhibitions:
Galerie La tête de l’art – Langres – France – 2000
Galerie La tête de l’art – Langres – France – 2002
Galerie Thuillier – Paris – France – 2003
Galerie Entreprendre – Avignon – France – 2003
Galerie Art Mondial – Pertuis – France – 2004
Galerie Entreprendre – Avignon – France – 2004
Galerie Art Tact 3 – Troyes – France – 2004
Exhibition La Chapelle Diderot – Langres – France – 2005
Exhibition Maison Carmélite – Chaumont – France – 2005
Exhibition La Chapelle Diderot – Langres – France – 2006
Galerie Art Expo – Moulins – France – 2006
Galerie La tête de l’art – Langres –France – 2006
Galerie Art Expo – Moulins – France 2007
Exhibition at La Chapelle – St.Memmie – France – 2007
Exhibition at Maison Clémangis – Chaumont – France – 2007
Exhibition at La Chapelle – St.Memmie – France – 2009
Strand Gallery – Londres – Great Britain – 2010
Galerie L’arrivage – Troyes – France – 2010
Galerie Dilshad Questani – 2009 2012- Chaumont – France
Galerie 4 Walls – Dubaï – UAI – 2011
Exhibition at Maison pour tous – La Roche sur Yon – France – 2011
Galerie de Jeansonet – Troyes – France – 2015
Galerie Vivienne – Paris – France – 2015
Galerie 33 – Lyon – France – 2015
Maison internationale – Rennes – France – 2015
Galerie Hara – Rome- Italy – 2016
Salle Bouchardon – Chaumont – France – 2016
Galerie Wadi Finan – Amman – Jordan – 2017
National Museum– Slemani, Kurdistan – Irak -, 2017
Galerie Media – Erbil, Kurdistan – Irak – 2017
Musée Ahmed Shawky – Cairo – Egypt – 2018

Collective Exibition – Athens – Greece – 1996
Salon d’automne – Courbevoie – France – 2002
Salon International – Nice – France – 2002
Salon – Bourbonne les bains – France – 2002
Musée métropolitain – Tokyo – Japan – 2003
Musée métropolitain – South Korea – 2003
Salon l’aigle – Nice – France – 2003
Salon de Bruges – Belgium – 2003
Salon académique art sciences et lettres – Paris – France – 2003
Salon international – Nice – France – 2004
Biennale Chaumont – France – 2005
Salon JAALA – Tokyo – Japan – 2005
Salon violet – Paris – France – 2005
Biennale Chaumont – France – 2007
Salon art vivants – Chalons – France – 2009
Biennale Chalons- en –Champagne – France – 2010
Salon PEP Barcelone – Spain – 2016
Biennale Chaumont – France – 2017
Salon JAALA – Tokyo – Japan – 2017
Art Shopping – Carrousel du Louvre – Paris – France – 2017

Good read:

It is not possible to talk about Dilshad’s relationship with the place without touching nostalgia and memory, the deep history and the loving energy that hides the color of his tales and visual stories.

Dilshad mixes the color with the place with a love card that penetrates the heavy fatigue of movement, travel and movement with a memory that caresses mood and interacts with the metaphors of the scene in an abstract picture farther in the imagination towards the soul.

And here lies the Dilshad world and its images that identify with the positive to break the barriers of rigid awareness and open the outlets towards a sensuous presence of the rules of traditions. The chained and the pre-receive routine that executes love and love and creates division and thus a sense of beauty in the enjoyment of life and nature,

That life that carried a Questani to his artistic visual worlds that he wore craft and beauty innovations, the philosophy of places with that deep human simplicity and its spiritual ,Sophism , and colorful mysticism to light the rhythm of his soul in his temporal meditations that mix the nostalgic past despite his painful images with the coming radiance, to carry more than flavor and endure more than a smile portal for wisdom to identify with joy, among the warm colors is the intimacy of feelings and its flow towards life green as a burning grass between yellow and orange touching childhood manipulating the senses in the delicacy of simplicity and joy in contact with the blue towards the skies of light, all are combinations of carrying a light energy to chant the mysterious talismans of existence.