51 Photographs By French Photographer Denis Dailleux In Egypt


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Denis Dailleux

Between Denis Dailleux and Cairo, it is a true love story : on one side, an insatiable fascination for this unique place, its mood, its magical lights and an unspeakable tenderess towards its inhabitants ; on the other, a natural generosity, a city which offers itself to this subjugated look, inhabitants full of spontaneous kindness. Denis Dailleux makes regular trips to Cairo, in an obsessive way. Denis Dailleux Website

Born in 1958 in Angers, France.
Lives in Cairo. Dailleux’s Denis Dailleux’s photographic work seems to be on the surface, yet it is incredibly demanding, run through by an undercurrent of constant self-doubt and propelled by the essential his camera.

His passion for people has a strong sense of self-esteem. Which he has, with actress Catherine Deneuve, with the help of the same discretion, simply waiting to get away from it. that it will happen. That is how he has patiently constructed a unique portrait of his beloved Cairo to create, with black and whites of exemplary classicism and colors of rare subtlety, the definite alternative to the heaps of cultural and touristic clichés which clutter our minds.

Christian Caujolle

Born in 1958 in Angers, France.

He lives in Cairo. With the delicacy that characterizes him, he practices a photograph apparently calm, incredibly demanding, crossed by permanent doubts and moved by the indispensable personal relation that he will maintain with this – and those – that he will install in the square of his device.

His passion for people, for others, naturally led him to develop the portrait as a mode of privileged representation of those he wanted, the desire to get closer to what they were. And he did it, with Catherine Deneuve as with anonymous people’s neighborhoods of Cairo, with the same discretion that expects the other to give him what he hopes, without claiming, hoping that it will happen. So, patiently, he has built an unpublished portrait of the capital of this Egypt with which he has a romantic relationship, even passionate, to mix, between black and white with exemplary classicism and colors with a rare subtlety, an absolute alternative to all the clichés, cultural and tourist, which clutter our minds.

Christian Caujolle

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