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Artist Dan Cretu

Dan Cretu blends food sculpture with photography. He is open for commission inquiries and other requests, such as larger photographs, canvas prints, and any other ways you would like his art to get to you.

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What If Famous Faces from Iconic Paintings Invaded Pop Culture
By Kelly Richman-Abdou on July 27, 2017

Artist Dan Cretu has put a pop culture twist on the trend of transforming age-old masterworks into modern works of art. In his most recent series, he combines 21st century subject matter with classic iconography, culminating in a clever and quirky collection of photographs.

Like Cretu’s silly signature projects, this humorous series conveys his longterm interest in creating composites. Unlike his older works, however, these pieces showcase not only his artistic talents, but his knowledge of art history. Pairing painted figures—like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Sandro Boticelli’s Venus, and Vincent van Gogh‘s Self-Portrait —and scenes with television shows like Friends, well-known chains like McDonalds, and popular events like music festivals, Cretu bridges the gap between the past and present in a surprising yet seamless way.

In addition to experimenting with art and pop culture, Cretu enjoys exploring other amusing themes in his creative composites. While he initially specialized in food sculptures, he has since shifted his focus to current events and critiques. From social media symbolism to political motifs, these themes showcase the artist’s awareness and understanding of contemporary culture—and demonstrate the vast amounts of fun he has with it!

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