Chien Chung-Wei

Chien Chung-Wei is an award winning Taiwanese watercolor artist making his teaching debut in North America. And his first workshop is with us!

I do not care much about what the subjects are in reality or photographs, I just strive to discover, strengthen, abandon, and beautify the intrigue of the forms I have observed. This is the most fascinating and the most important part in painting!
If we compare the various medium characteristics of watercolor to the different actors in a play, then the pictorial composition would be the script of the play. And we all know that without a good script, great actors would be of no use at all. ─ Artist Chien Chung-Wei Statement

Chien Chung-Wei paintings look timeless, yet have a modern and contemporary feel, that is bringing him great success in North America and Europe. He is the first Taiwanese artist to have ever received his signature in the National Watercolor Society, and the first to exhibit in the American Watercolor Society. He has earned a masters degree in fine arts, and works as a part time lecturer and teacher of watercolor.

Taiwanese Artist Chien Chung-Wei Painting
Taiwanese Artist Chien Chung-Wei Painting

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With the growing excitement of so many talented artists from the East, Chien Chung-Wei has quickly risen to the top. Chien Chung-Wei is a frequent contributor in many Western publications, including numerous articles and awards in the Art of Watercolor Magazine and International Artist.

Chien’s paintings are filled with atmosphere and light, and appear to embrace the spirit and temperament of Western watercolor masters. Chien creates beauty and intrigue of form, within everyday subjects, creating pure magic in his watercolor.

His focus for the workshop will be how to simplify a scene and improve the structure and composition of our paintings. Chien will show us the importance of light and space, balancing warm against cool and how to bring it all together to connect all these elements. We will be painting in the studio and out taking inspiration from the natural beauty of our city, the ocean and mountains of North Vancouver.

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