Carolina Landea

Carolina Landea is a storytelling artist. Residing in the small coastal village of Cachagua, Chile, Carolina’s paintings are stories of life; capturing moments, landscapes and the people who weave a certain magic through the spaces between.

Born in Santiago de Chile, in 1960, Carolina spent part of her childhood and teen years in Spain where she began her training in the art world as a student of Jose Luis Azparren, a professor at the San Fernando Academy of Madrid. On her return to Chile, she continued her studies with Reinaldo Villasenor and Edwardo Vilches.

Chilean Artist Carolina Landea Painting
Chilean Artist Carolina Landea Painting

Looking at her work, it is no surprise that Carolina comes from a family of prominent artists. Her grandfather, Pablo Burchard was one of Chile’s leading artists at the turn of the 19th century. Her mother, Cuca Burchard, was well known for her naïve paintings, while her brother Gonzalo and sister Maria Luisa are both very successful in their fields of work.

Having participated in a long list of shows and solo exhibitions in well known galleries of Chile and around the world, including Bali and New York, Carolina is happiest at work in her studio or in her garden on her beautiful property in Cachagua, Chile.

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