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Brett Scheifflee Oil Painting - American Artist

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Brett Scheifflee Oil Painting - American Artist

Brett Scheifflee specializes in producing naturalistic American landscape painting and has major focuses on the north east, the west and the coastal south.

Perfectly Stopping Time

11/2018 Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine

Robert Lange Studios’ upcoming fine art exhibit, “Ephemeral,” features the work of the contemporary realist landscape artist Brett Scheifflee. “Ephemeral” is a series of oil paintings that capture fleeting moments in time, specifically focusing on the natural world.

“The show title that I have been working with and I think suits the work is ‘Ephemeral,’ as the paintings are focused on moments in the outdoors that are short-lived,” says Scheifflee. “When thinking back to what initially inspired me to become a landscape painter, I would have to say it was these temporary, but astounding, moments that made me want to go to work in an attempt to preserve them. Ultimately, I can’t help but feel grateful to live on a planet with billowing clouds at dusk, fragile moments where it seems the season is about to change, the slow rise of the full moon, or the lovely colors that bring us in and out of every day.”

Scheifflee has perfectly stopped time in each painting and chosen just the right moment to share with the viewer. One of the pieces for the show, “Pink Giants,” is a painting of dreamy pink skies filled with clouds; the horizon line fades off into the distance as the moon sits above the waves. The 24-by-30-inch oil on panel piece creates a perfect escape for the viewer. Brett says of the piece, “The painting ‘Pink Giants’ is a depiction of one of those evenings along the southern coast where the storm clouds have broken and are departing, but the sun has shone through again to illuminate the beautifully chaotic break up which hangs suspended under a full moon. It’s in these magical instances where I think everyone lucky enough to witness them becomes reverent and the stress of daily life also floats out to sea and you too feel suspended in the moment.”

For The Love of Grey – Moultrie News

For the Love of Gray, an upcoming exhibition at the Robert Lange Studios, features the work of the contemporary realist landscape artist Brett Scheifflee. For the Love of Gray is a body of paintings that chronicle the areas where Scheifflee has formerly lived, including the barrier islands and Lowcountry marshes, downtown factories to rural farmland in New England. Sheifflee’s series captures the unique quality of fog and mist at various times of day.

His painting style is a contemporary update of the American landscape tradition. This series demonstrates his ability to render the details of the landscape in which he is immersed.

One of the pieces for the show, “Line of Memories” is a painting of the rocky breakwater on a Sullivan’s Island beach; the horizon line fades into a soft gray. The 10-by-30 inch oil on panel piece appears to encompass an expansive vista as the waves break off in the distance. This exhibit is a celebration of the peace and mindfulness that exists in the natural world.

Brett Scheifflee American Landscape Oil Painting
Brett Scheifflee American Landscape Oil Painting

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