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The Ceramic Art of Boyan Moskov

When I create work, I don’t want it to interfere with its surroundings. My objects are simple and elegant with clean lines. At the same time, they stand bold and strong. A beautiful accent, not a distraction. ─ Boyan Moskov


Boyan Moskov was born in Ruse, Bulgaria and was drawn to art from an early age. In 1987, Boyan began his training at Troyan Art School (Troyan, Bulgaria). There, he fed his passion for the arts and developed his techniques in painting, sculpture, drawing and ceramics.

Ceramics was the art (From all his studies of fine arts) that Boyan felt that he could express himself the best. Boyan enjoyed ceramics because it included all the elements of fine art; sculpture, drawing and painting. For several years following Troyan, Boyan worked in many fashions from production ceramics to private art endeavors.

Boyan continued his education at the Sofia Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria. After several years, he gained additional training and exhibition experience in Sweden, where he lived and worked for three years. In 2003, Boyan returned to Bulgaria to start his own pottery business.

Developing a line of work popular among tourist areas in the country and showing his work in selected galleries. In 2007, Boyan and his wife moved to the United States and settled in his wife’s home state of New Hampshire.

Since that time Boyan has been developing his skills as a ceramic artist, gaining recognition among his peers and striving to explore his medium.

Bulgarian Artist Boyan Moskov Ceramic Art
Bulgarian Artist Boyan Moskov Ceramic Art

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