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Barbara Jaśkiewicz statement

I was endowed with a passion for painting and the skill of careful observation. On my impressionistic canvases, I try to show the beauty of the moment and momentary record the reflections of the flickering light. I am inspired by the surrounding world, and the painting process is a joyful journey in search of unity and harmony. I want my art to awaken positive feelings with recipients. I chose the trowel as an ideal tool for creating oil paintings.

Thanks to this technique, my painting emanates with the purity of colors and the sincere joy of life. For me, a painting is a palette of colors, while I am able to combine colors without neglecting the drawing. I treat every element of the composition with due attention. I found a lot of valuable tips in Leonardo da Vinci‘s ‘The Treaty of Painting‘. Painting is like music to me; it has its tones, hues, accents and mood.


About Barbara Jaśkiewicz

Barbara JAŚKIEWICZ-SOCEWICZ was born and lives in Wrocław. She graduated from architecture at the Wrocław University of Technology. The wide range of thematic oil paintings by Barbara JAŚKIEWICZ contains paintings created by the infatuation of the landscape of Italy, southern France, Tatra valleys and floral Alpine meadows. As often as the artist remembers on the canvas, old park alleys, lavender fields and garden motifs.

They are complemented by genre scenes, picnics, women in hats with children collecting wildflowers. In vedutas, the provinces of Provencal and Italian cities dominate, cafes, Mediterranean ports, crowds filled with people and streets of Krakow and Rome, Provencal fairs, canals and bridges of Venice and panoramas of Wroclaw.

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The paintings are painted either with a brush or a trowel using the technique “wet in the wet“, hence their varied texture. These impasts, creating pastoso, cause additional refraction of light, which is particularly evident in nautical paintings and portraits. The specific way of putting oil paint and bold operation of light create the individual style of this impressionist painting. The work of Barbara JAŚKIEWICZ is presented at exhibitions and shows in Poland and abroad. The author collaborates with contemporary art galleries in Poland and the United States.

Her paintings in the USA were presented in:

  • Chasen Galleries in Richmond (Virginia),
  • Gallery 1000 Fine Art in Carmel-by-the-Sea,
  • JD Pierce Gallery of Fine Art in Dallas (Texas),
  • Chetkin Gallery in Red Bank (New Jersey)
  • Salon International 2010 2011 and 2012 in San Antonio (distinction for artistic perfection in 2011 Jury’s Top Fifty for the painting “Light of Provence”),
  • The Richeson 75 International
  • The 1st Scottsdale.
  • Salon of Fine Art.

Barbara JAŚKIEWICZ has the status of visual artist granted by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Her paintings are in collectors’ collections around the world. It belongs to Landscape Artist International (LAI).

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