Ayman Lotfy

Read about the ist:

Read about the ist:

Egyptian Photographer.  Director for Alamia Advertising. Middle East Region Director PSA ( Society of America). Monitor of PSA ( Society of America). Associateship AMIPP in From SWPP UK at Malta Institute of Professional 2010.
Ayman Lotfy was born in Cairo, Egypt on the 30th of August 1968, After his graduation from the faculty of s in 1991, he had wasted no time and led his own road into istic career. Ayman sted his career route as a fashion designer. And with his mere devotion and passion to s and designs, he successfully stepped forward to become a professional Director in 1996. In 1998, Ayman Lotfy launched his journey to the world of with the aim of enhancing his work as a designer. Since then, Ayman did not leave the camera. His camera was the door to the new world of Modern . Ayman Lotfy has a strong interest in people, human emotions and expressions. With full realization of how hard a job it could be to capture a real photo, a photo that reveals a real expression, a one that can be believed by himself as an ist and can be easily delivered to his audience, Ayman’s creativity and persistence wouldn’t surrender before of the challenge. His lens saw deeper into the human souls, and his mind realized the diversity of human feelings, and he was keen to unravel the mysteries of those emotions and reveal them to the audience. Ayman has transformed his work into . And to produce his masterpieces, Ayman has worked as a director to a scene, setting the mood with lighting, colors and music, yet leaving his characters to each write his own scenario with their feelings.


What a beautiful sign just to follow, “stop, do not be a slave to your ego”. Once neglect and unconsciously obeyed, deprive from humanity shall be the grade. Just tend to the garden of purposes you own, keep the pride and have your aims grown. Embroider your life with good deeds; keep your buttons of traits as your weaving seeds. Wet them with humbleness and sacrifice, some love and smile will also be wise. Just then your world shall finally flourish, with a great success in your way to accomplish. And when it is the time to gain what you have done, beautiful harvest is your reward bun.

By Rim Salamouny
source: http://www.allotfy.com/

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