51 Figurative Oil Paintings by Russian Artist Arsen Kurbanov


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Arsen Kurbanov

Arsen Kurbanov was born in Makhachkala, republic of Dagestan, in the USSR. His mother and father were artists as is his brother. In 1988, Kurbanov completed his education at the Jamal Dagestan Art College, receiving a red diploma of scholastic excellence.

He was immediately accepted into one of the most prestigious art academies in the world – the Repin Institute of the St. Petersburg Academy of Art. After graduating in 1994, Kurbanov exhibited his final artwork to the graduation committee and was accepted into the “Union of Russian Artists.”

Kurbanov combines the techniques of the Old Masters with a contemporary, personal sense of imagery. Biblical and historical references appear alongside modern elements in his paintings, introducing a feeling of mystery.

While Kurbanov’s portraits represent precise, almost photographic likenesses of his sitters, they are also created as compositions in their own right.

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Born 1969, in Makhachkala, Daghestan.
1988 – graduated from Dzhemal Art College, Makhachkala.
1994 – graduated from I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.
Since 2008 — in the teaching staff of easel painting department of the I.E. Repin Institute.


2004 USA – ArtExpo, New York.
2003 — personal exposition, Norway.
2001-2002 — museum exposition “Russian art – new generation” Het Slot Zeist, The Netherlands.
2001 — exposition in Art centre “World art Delft”, Delft, The Netherlands.
2000 — exposition “Four artists” in Oslo, Norway.
1999 — personal exposition in Apison USA.
1999 — exposition of Russian artists in the Academy of Arts in Shynyan, China.
1992 — personal exposition in Cinema House, Saint Petersburg.
1998 — personal exposition in Summer Garden, Saint Petersburg.
1998 — exposition of artists of Saint Petersburg Academy of arts in Shanhai, China.
1997 — a conqueror of the competition “My Russia, my world”. Information Center of UNO in Saint Petersburg.
1997 — Exposition of Russian artists in Chili Center, Hamburg, Germany.
1996 — Petersburg salon, Moscow.
1996 — “Christmas Exposition” at the Gallery of Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts.
1994,1995 — group expositions of artists in Saint Petersburg Central Exposition Hall.
Source: http://academart.com/kurbanov.html

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Арсен Курбанов was born in Mahachkala, Dagestan. In 1988 he completed coursework at the Jamal Dagestan Art College, receiving a red diploma – a symbol of scholastic excellence. Kurbanov was immediately accepted into the Repin Institute in St. Petersburg, where he studied with the late Neprintsov, graduating in 1994.