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He was born on January 19, 1960 in Tetouan. Since 1961 resides in the city of Palencia. He made his first solo exhibition at eleven years old. He was born in Tétouan (Morocco) in January 19th 1960 and lives in Palencia since 1961. His first solo exhibition took place when he was only 11 years old. Capel – Antonio Carlos Guzmán Capel, known by his artistic name Capel (Tétouan, January 19th) is a Spanish hyper-realistic painter settled in Palencia (Castilla y León). Since 1961 he lives in Palencia (Castilla y León). He is a self-taught artist. He demonstrated his innate qualities for drawing and painting since he was a boy. He held his first exhibition when he was only 11 years old. Since then, he successively celebrated a new exhibition every year. When he turned 14 he exhibited his work in Switzerland, being considered as a Painting Genius by the local critics; up until then no one had known such a young and talented artist with such faculties to create pieces of this high quality.



2014 Work exhibited in “The Ages of Man.” Aranda de Duero, Burgos
—– Portrait of John Paul II to the National Basilica in Washington

2012 portrait of Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, Duchess of Alba
—– Course and Conference on Pattern Psychology University of Merida Yucatan, Mexico

2011 Portrait of Catherine Lacoste and Angel Piñero

2010 Proclamation bullfighting poster for the festival of Ciudad Real 2010

2009 Portrait of Brother Rafael (Rafael Arnaiz Baron), for canonization October 11, 2009 at the Vatican
—– Poster announcing Davis Cup, Murcia

2006 Honorable Mention Award Air Force, MADRID
—– Work entitled “Gitanillos” for the film from Guillermo Fesser, “Candida”

2005 Feria Bullfighting Poster 1st Prize LION
—– 2nd PrizeAir Force, MADRID

2004 1st Prize Bullfighting poster of San Antolin Palencia

2003 1st Painting Prize Toresma MADRID
—– Honorable Mention Award Air Force, MADRID

2002 Finalist Award Toresma 2 MADRID
—– 1st Honorable Mention Award Air Force, MADRID

2001 Finalist Award “Lordship Bértiz” Pamplona

1998 Silver Medal of the City of San Juan, ALICANTE

1997 1st Prize Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca

1996 LVII National Exhibition of Fine Arts in Valdepeñas, CIUDAD REAL

1989 Popular Prize at the 1st Fast Painting Contest “El Retiro, Madrid

1988 Second prize in the 1st National Painting Competition XV of Teruel

1987 honorary Accésit IV Painting Competition “Ciudad de Miranda de Ebro” BURGOS

1985 1st Prize in Painting Competition IV in Melilla
—– 3rd Prize in the IV JAÉN Painting Prize (Club “63”), JAÉN
—– 1st Prize “Ciudad de Murcia” in Cartagena

1983 Special Mention for Painting in the Winter Hall of Avignon, France
—– Painting Grant County Council of Palencia
—– 2nd National Painting Competition Award field Criptana, CIUDAD REAL
—– 1st Prize in Yecla, Murcia

1982 1st Prize in Martos, Jaén
—– Silver Plaque in CORDOBA

I 2nd Prize 1980 National Youth Contest “gallery Amadis” MADRID
—– 1st Prize in Barbastro, Huesca
—– 1st Prize in Aranda de Duero., BURGOS
—– 1st Prize “Garcia Gongora” Ateneo de ALMERIA
—– V Biennale Finalist “LION Province” 1981 1st Prize in Mora TOLEDO
—– 2nd Prize in Rota,

1979 Second Prize Painting Competition “Rafael Zabaleta” JAÉN
—– 1st Prize in XXX Art Salon in Puertollano, Ciudad Real
—– Honorable Mention in the Prix II “Rioja” LOGROÑO
—– 1st Prize “City of Benicarlo” CASTELLÓN

1978 Special Honorable Mention in Pego, Alicante

1977 2nd Prize in Medina del Campo, Valladolid
—– 2nd prize in the Provincial Savings Bank of Valladolid

1976 Honorable Mention II Biennial of Huesca
—– Art Finalist in Sport 76, BILBAO

1975 1st Prize Young Painters. Guardo, Palencia

1974 1st National Prize “City of Ceuta”
—– Honorable Mention at the “Army” Painting Prize, MADRID


Palacio de Liria, collection of the Duchess of Alba

Museum of Contemporary Art, MADRID

Museum of Contemporary Art, LION

Museum of Contemporary Art. Ayllon, SEGOVIA

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Museum Shooting, GRANADA

Museum Criptana, CIUDAD REAL

Fine Arts Museum of Granada


Caja de Ahorros Provincial de Valladolid

Box Spain. Palencia


San Diego (USA)

Las Vegas (USA)

Washington (USA)

Puerto La Cruz and Caracas, VENEZUELA


GUATEMALA, Paris, Ireland, Hong Kong …, others in Spain

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Palacio de Liria, collection of the Duchess of Alba


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Artelibre.netPainting Collection of the City of Palencia

Painting Collection of the City of Palencia


2014 Gallery Artelibre, “Something more than realism VIII”, Zaragoza.
—– Cortijo Miraflores, Marbella
2013 Factory-Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany
—– Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid

2012 Art Fair Bolzano, from March 16 to 18, ITALY
—– Galería Javier Román, MALAGA

2011 Elizabeth Foundation Frontela, Palencia

2010 Group exhibition inthe room Mauro Muriedas Torrelavega, summer
—– Help “New Men,” Bishop Nicolas Castellanos, Caja Duero, Palencia
—– City of Palencia Collection Foundation Diaz Caneja

2009 Global Art Gallery, Barcelona
—- -Safety Spain, Palencia

2008 Sharon Art Gallery, LION

2006 Sharon Art Gallery, LION

2004 Showroom Caja Spain, Palencia
—– Room BBVA exhibitions, Valladolid

2003 Tribute to Claudio Prieto Diaz in Caneja Foundation Palencia
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1997 1st International Fair of Contemporary Art C. and L. Salamanca
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1982Gallery Rua 2 BURGOS
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1980 Gallery Ajuria, Palencia

1979 Tingad Gallery, Salamanca

1974 Gallery Fribourg Bulle, SWITZERLAND

1971 Exhibition at the 1st Division of the Office of Information and Tourism, Palencia