An Jung-hwan

An Jung-hwan Korean Artist-Painter 안정환 An Jung-Hwan was born in 1978 in south Korea. Graduated from college of fine arts, Keimyung university in Korea, majoring in painting. Graduated from graduate school of Education Keimyung university. Since then, I am focusing on landscape painting with the theme of nature.

Human get everything from the nature and let everything return to the nature. A lively forest as a part of nature gives a lot of benefits to mankind such as fresh and clean air, cool breeze, bright and warm sunshine and clear water and tranquility immersed in silence, etc.

An Jung-hwan’s painting of forest awakens us to be in awe of such an original appearance of the forest just like the serene silence of the universe. The full “green” and harmony of “light” that is the symbol of life and thickly piled on canvas, the hard work and years of the paint layer, in his work make us ruminate the instinct of human return to the nature, and feel comfort as a haven and the basis of day-life towards a new future.

  • His painting of forest filled with serenity is a haven to purify human spirit.
  • Private exhibition 8 times(Seoul, Yongin, Daegu in Korea)
  • Booth Private Exhibition 6 times(Seoul, Seongnam, Daegu in Korea)
  • Art Fair 19 times(Seoul, Heyri Artvalley, Daegu, Gwangju, Busan, China, Japan)
Korean Artist An Jung-Hwan Painting
Korean Artist An Jung-Hwan Painting

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안정환/An Jung-hwan (b.1978, Korea)
No.102 고요한 숲(Tranquil Woods), 197×291cm, Oil on Canvas, 2018
작업과정 인터벌 촬영. (Kodak Pro SLR/c)

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