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Boat Foutain

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Boat Foutain

The Fuente del Barco de Agua, or Water Boat Fountain, in Valencia, Spain, uses streams of water to mimic the features of a sailing vessel. The simple metal frame sprays water, creating the sail and hull of the boat. The fountain is set near Playa de la Malvarrosa and appears to be headed out to sea.

Beautiful fountain boat sculpture. Water Boat Fountain (Valencia, Spain).


At first, the image above looks like a boat, one that is caught in a soaking surge of water, but it is in fact a cleverly designed fountain sprinkling water out of its man-made pores. Located at Playa de la Malvarrosa in Valencia, Spain and known simply as Water Boat Fountain (or Fuente del Barco de Agua in Spanish) by visitors and locals alike, the sculptural fountain creates the illusion of both the hull and the sail of a boat with liquid jets. One is left baffled by its simple design mimicking the appearance of a sailboat with nothing more than a few rods spraying fine streams of water.

A variety of similar designs of the structure are said to be situated around the world, including one in Portugal and one in Israel, though this one in Spain appears to gain the most attention from foreign visitors. The brilliant attraction invites visitors to take in its surreal appearance, which adds a lively playfulness to the environment. If you don’t have the chance to see it in person just yet, you can actually get a wonderful 360 view of the structure on Google Maps.

Fountain Sprays Water to Look Like a Boat
Fountain Sprays Water to Look Like a Boat

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Made from material: Aluminum, marble, granite.

Location Q11940457, Poblats Marítims, Valencia, Comarca de València, Valencia Province, Land of Valencia, Spain

39° 28′ 16.21″ N, 0° 19′ 27.01″ W

The fountain is located in the center of the small round basin, so it seems that the boat is literally floating on the water. The fountain is located on the picturesque square, not far from the popular Playa de Malvarosa beach, and is therefore very popular among tourists and holidaymakers. Around the pool were the comfortable Borten benches equipped, on which one can relax on the hot day and graze on the panorama of the coast. In the evening, the couples gather at the wells to graze on the sparkling waters of the sunset.

This place is also called for by the photographers, who choose the best position for several days to capture the mysterious boat, whose sail is ‘burning’ in the sun. In the night the fountain is adorned with the impressive illumination, so you can visit the sights at nightfall. It must be noted that there are the similar boat fountains also in some other countries, namely in Portugal and Israel. Nevertheless the fountain in Valencia is the most famous and most visited. Its main particularity is the maximum simplicity of construction.