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Driftwood Sculpture by Artist Alex Witcombe

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Driftwood Sculpture by Artist Alex Witcombe

Vancouver Island based coast-inspired sculpture creations by artist Alex Witcombe. Everyone say hello to Edward the Beetle! A full size 1967 VW Beetle made almost entirely from driftwood, with functional doors.

My most ambitious project yet, this started out as a way to procure a ‘new-to-me’ truck and travel trailer from Black Creek Motors. But during these last few months of completion on it, it became something more.

My father, Allan Edward Witcombe, recently passed away. Eight weeks in the hospital and then palliative care was made more difficult, for him and us, due to Covid-19 protocol. In the last few weeks of his life we, as a family, were only able to see him through the first-floor window and talking by phone.

Although his body was failing him, his spirits were always bright when I talked with him or saw him. And I know he relished seeing every update I sent or showed him of my progress on the driftwood Beetle. His eyes would light up and he would always say how proud he was of me.

I was scheduled for another visit and wanted to bring him a personalized gift that I could display outside his window, a vintage B.C. license plate made from driftwood with his initials, A.E.W. He passed peacefully the day before my visit to him. I know his eyes would have lit up to see his license plate, and I am proud to display it here on Edward the Beetle.

My Dad passed on to me his innate ‘can do’ spirit. If he had a creative project in mind, he just went ahead and did it. And if there was a technique or process he had not learned yet, he would learn and implement them exceedingly well in his own unique style. Thank you, Dad, for showing me that I can do or create whatever I set my mind to! Even if there is a few remarks of “Bloody Hell!” strewn about during the creative process 😉

Canadian Artist Alex Witcombe Driftwood Sculpture
Canadian Artist Alex Witcombe Driftwood Sculpture

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