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Liquid & Speed Photography By Ukrainian American Photographer

My name is Alex Koloskov. I am 36 years old, born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine and live in Atlanta, GA now. I grew up in Kiev, Ukraine where I later attended college and received a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Needless to say, I’ve never put my degree to work in its specialty.

It was a time of economical collapse after the fall of the Soviet Union, where the entire country was in chaos. This was when my “official” education ended. Since graduating I’ve never had any other formal education, all of my skills have been self-taught.

I’m a mix of technicality, innovation and out of the box thinking. I love taking on technical challenges in anything I do, including photography.

As a photographer, I am completely self taught. I don’t know the rules, nor do I care about them. I don’t follow the herd, I do it my way. That’s turned out to be invaluable in what I do. It has allowed me to experiment, see outside the borders, challenge the authorities and create a stunning photography style that is crisp, sharp and crystal clear.

I’m inspired by progress and movement. I’m incredibly persistent and never take “less than perfect” for an answer. If I don’t have the right tools, I’ll build them myself. I like to make stuff happen.


American Artist Alex Koloskov Woo Arts photography
American Artist Alex Koloskov photography

Innovative and edgy photography is what we are doing at AKELstudio. I know I’ll be one of the best commercial photographers in the world, and we’ll have best photographers, designers, stylists and retouchers working with us in AKELstudio. Just a little more time is what we need now. Stay tuned, subscribe to our RSS feed and you’ll see everything by yourself.

We also have a photo-editor’s blog, which is supported by my wife, Genia Larionova: The Perfect Photo Blog. She is our digital artist, photo editor and retoucher, and she’ll show you how we make our images look so perfectly clear and bright.

To learn some personal stuff about me, please read personal facts and my interview with myself below.

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