22 Sublime Landscape Photographs by Artist Achmad Munasit

Achmad Munasit

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Achmad Munasit

Achmad Munasit, aka “Asit”, is an Indonesian photographer who invite us to visit his country .. We have seen Achmad photos in several blogs and social media pages. It is always reminds us with the property of living off the grid in peaceful places.

It urges us to thing of a travel plan to rural village. Unfortunately, we find few photos from him every once and while, apparently he travel a lot or has more goals to shot and bring to us more fantastic shots. Please visit his profile on 500px at the below link.

More to say about Achmad Munasit, aka “Asit”, is an Indonesian photographer who invite us to visit his country. His shots are absolutely beautiful. Beyond the chosen environments, it’s the selected scenes which are really interesting.

We do not only discover the landscapes of Indonesia but also the local culture and people daily life.

From net fishing, home and cocking chores, walking to schools, and family gathering. enjoy the rest of his photos here: Achmad Munasit