18 Original Paintings By Libyan Artist Abdurrezagh Alryani


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Artist Abdurrezagh Alryani #wooarts

Abdurrezagh Salem Al-mabrouk Al-riani (Abdurrezagh Alryani), Libyan Artist, born in Tripoli, Libya.

  • Bachelor degree of Fine Arts in 1991 – Tripoli,  Al-Fateh University.
  • Master degree of Fine Arts from Rome University of Fine Arts in 2005 (Rome, Italy).
  • PhD candidate in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Alexandria University.

Participated in a number of exhibitions in Libya and some other countries such as Malta, Italy and the UAE.

Alryani paintings comes from the core of the libyan culture, I could not find any other libyan artist who could spell out the details of the libyan costume, not only from the perspective of a realistic painting but also represent the reality of libyan people’s appeal, cloth, jewelry and some of their household items.

It is rare to find a libyan artist who paint from such pure essence. Personally, I have visited Libya two times and I have seen and lived their daily life, and part of my family originated from the east part of Libya and still speak that dialect.


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