Peter Kurdulija

I am an amateur photographer from Lower Hutt, New Zealand and have been involved in taking photos from my teenage years.

I am mostly interested in landscape photography, with the main focus being a creation of a symbolic response to the world around me. For me photography is an art so closely tied to our perception of life. Each of my images carry a fragment of feeling I had in that particular moment of time, and hopefully, all of them together will one day recreate what was an emotional landscape of my life.

Also, please take note of this small but never the less important notice. All images in my stream, every single one, including the texts and some titles, as short as they may be, are strictly copyrighted. I can’t emphasize this point enough. Meaning, no use of these images or words is allowed in digital media without my explicit permission. This includes all sorts of websites, blogs, newsgroups and articles for commentarial or non-commercial purposes. Usage in printed media is out of the question altogether.

I know, as I’ve been informed, there are some out there who will ignore this and go ahead with their little projects without me knowing. Someday, somewhere, someone will notice this and you and the company that benefited from it will be presented with an appropriate bill, interest included. Play fair and be my friend.